Do you travel internationally / interstate / out of town for gigs?
Yes we absolutely do. Additional travel fees are applied for events taking place outside our metro Melbourne travel free zones. We have specific prices for interstate and overseas weddings so feel free to give us a call to discuss.

If you don't know the song we want, will you learn it?
Yes absolutely. Learning up to 5 songs for your special day is all part of our service and included in the price. We aim to make your event as unique and personalised as you want it.

Key moments for personalised songs selection in a Wedding includes: Ceremony (aisle, signing, exit) and Reception (first dance, father/daughter dance).

How many songs can we choose from your online song list?

You can choose as little or as much as you like. The more you chose from our song list the more personalised our set list will be for your special event.


Our Ceremony & Canapés location doesn't have power, is this okay?

Yes, definitely! We have a battery powered speaker which is perfect for outdoor Ceremony's & Canapés.

Will you provide music during the performance breaks?

Yes! We have carefully curated playlists for the various stages of the day/night, which are consistent with the style of the event. We'll play these during our performance breaks so you can sit back and relax knowing we'll take care of all of your musical needs.

Does the price include set up and pack down?

Yes, and we will arrive approximately 1 - 1.5 hours prior to when we are booked to start performing.

What sized band should I choose?

We offer a range of band sizes to suit all budgets and venue sizes.

When choosing your band size, keep in mind that having a bigger band will have more sound and visual impact. 

Having a duo can provide you with a fantastic acoustic set and add tracks to boost up the energy for the dance sets.

However if your want more live variety you can simply keep adding instruments to the duo. Such as keys, bass, drums, sax, trombone, trumpet and/or latin percussion. You can choose to make up to a 9 piece band that features all of this and will sound incredibly amazing.

However whatever you chose, no genre is out of reach and next level partying is always guaranteed.

If you’re after a proper band sound but don’t have much space or are tight on funds, a 4-5 piece band will be great. These are our popular lineups, featuring female and male vocals with guitar, bass, drums and keys.

Can you play cultural music?

Absolutely! We are able to play the Hora, tarantella, zorba etc.

How much room does the band need? How much power do you require?

2 piece – 2.5x4m 

3 piece – 4x5m 

4 piece – 4x5m 

5 piece – 5x5m

6 piece – 5x6m

For bands up to 4 piece we require at least one power outlet to be close by. For band 5 piece or larger, at least two power sources should be supplied. We need power to be no more than 10 metres from the performance area. Upon request, we can perform at ceremonies in secluded spots, with portable power.

Do you bring all your own sound equipment?

Yes absolutely. High quality sound equipment is always provided for our performances.